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Jungle Jims Economic Development Special Impr…

Notice is hereby given that Pursuant to 121.22 of the Ohio Revised Code, The Jungle Jims Economic Development Special Improvement District (Union Township) Board will meet on Thursday, December 12...

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Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Section 121.22, the Union Township Records Commission will hold its Annual Meeting on Thursday, January 2, 2020 at 7:30 PM. The meeting will be held...

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UTCIC Meeting Notice

Notice is hereby given that Pursuant to 121.22 of the Ohio Revised Code, The Union Township Community Improvement Corporation (UTCIC) Board of Trustees will conduct a Special Meeting on Thursday...

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Duke Energy Gas Inspection Mt. Carmel Tobasco

Please Click here to find out information about gas inspections being done at Mt. Carmel Tobasco.

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2020 Census is Now Hiring

Job Title: Census Worker Job Description Positions include address canvassers, census takers, office staff and supervisors Part-time, full-time, flexible hours including morning, afternoon, evenings and/or weekends Work in the community where you live $17, minimum...

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UNION TOWNSHIP POST OFFICE HOLIDAY HOURS                                     The Union Township Post Office location is...

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2019 Union Township Opt Out Letter Electricit…

Click here for a copy of 2019 Electricity Aggregation Program Opt Out Letter

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December 12th Trustees Meeting Reschedule

December 12, 2019 Regularly Scheduled Trustees Meeting has been changed to occur on Thursday, December 19, 2019 at 7PM.

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Clermont County Public Library Community Surv…

The Clermont County Public Library is conducting a community survey in preparation for a new strategic plan.  The link to the survey is:

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Segment OF Old SR 74 Road Closure

In pursuant to section 5543.17 of the Ohio Revised Code, the Clermont County Engineer's Office has determined that a road closure is necessary on Old SR 74 and that it is...

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Mt Moriah Rules & Regulations

Cemetery Rules


Adopted October 9, 2001

The Clarence E. Combs, Mt. Moriah Cemetery (Cemetery) located at 686 Mt. Moriah Drive, is owned and operated by the Union Township Board of Trustees (Board), Clermont County, Ohio. The cemetery is operated in conformance with the Ohio Revised Code and the rules and regulations established by the Board. The Board is responsible for the maintenance of all Cemetery facilities, including but not limited to the roads, drives, grounds, buildings and other physical properties. The Board, in compliance with the Ohio Revised Code, may create, eliminate, modify, or otherwise alter the rules and regulations at any time. Those who are not compliant with the rules and regulations are subject to penalties established by the Board, consistent with the Ohio Revised Code.

The Rules and Regulations adopted by the Board became effective October 9, 2001 and replace, and supersede all previous rules and regulations adopted by the Board.

1. The Cemetery is open to the public from dawn to dusk every day.

2. Agents appointed by the Board, consistent with the Ohio Revised Code, shall enforce all cemetery rules and regulations.

3. Upon death of the recorded owner, the control of the unused or under-designated grave/s shall go to the legally designated beneficiary/s. If none is so designated, the ownership shall follow the requirements of the Ohio Revised Code.

4. Children under the age of sixteen must be under adult supervision while in the cemetery.

5. Loitering is not permitted.

6. The speed limit within the cemetery is 10 MPH.

7. Visitors shall observe good order while in the cemetery. Loud talking, loud music, excessive vehicle noise, or any other type of disruptive behavior is not permitted.

8. Vehicles must remain on paved services at all times.

9. Entrance to the cemetery shall be through the gates.

10. Animals and pets are not permitted in the cemetery, unless used to assist the disabled.

11. Township employees or agents of the township shall perform all labor. This includes, but is not limited to, placing of monuments and markers, construction of concrete foundations, excavating and backfilling graves, trimming trees and shrubs and mowing grass. Any item placed in the cemetery that is inconsistent with these rules and regulations, or that has not been approved by the Board, shall be removed without notice.

12. No person shall remove any flowers, trees, shrubs, or bushes without the permission from the Board, or cemetery sexton.

13. All grave markers shall be granite, approved marble, or bronze. The size of the foundation and marker shall be consistent with the regulations of the cemetery. The Board must approve any exceptions.

14. The recorded owner/s of the grave/s is permitted to place flowers or decorations, consistent with these regulations, within a 2- foot area immediately adjacent to the corner and in front of each headstone. Decorative wreaths are also permitted.

15. The recorded owner/s of the grave/s shall be the controller in respect to the placement, care, and maintenance of flowers and/or decorations on the grave(s).

16. Trees, bushes, shrubs, vines, decorative stone, and landscape timbers are not permitted. Glass items such (delete the comma here) as vases, jars, etc. are not permitted, as they present a danger to our employees. Christmas decorations must be removed by March 1. Memorial Day and special holiday decorations may remain for two weeks after the holiday. After March 1, or two weeks after any holiday (other than Christmas), cemetery personnel will discard, without notice, all remaining decorations. Artificial flowers are permitted year round.

18. Any flower or decoration deemed unsightly will be removed and discarded. Any object/s that is determined by the cemetery sexton to be obstructing the general maintenance of the cemetery shall be removed after notification (written or oral), if possible, to the recorded owner/s.

19. In the event that a Union Township employee or agent damages a grave marker or monument, Union Township will repair the damage. However, Union Township will not be responsible for any article placed at a gravesite, or within the cemetery, that is not a grave marker or monument established or associated with the gravesite.

20. Union Township shall endeavor to keep the cemetery grounds secure to every extent practical but the Board, any employee, or any other agent of the township shall not be responsible for any items that are stolen or vandalized, other than property owned by Union Township.

21. Items of food left on a grave/s shall not be permitted.

22. Fishing and swimming are not permitted in the pond.

23. Decorations are not permitted in the cremation scattering area.

24. Decorations are not permitted in the columbarium area.

25. Any violations of these rules and regulations are subject to a penalty consistent with the Ohio Revised Code